Staff and Officers
of Union Hill Free Will Baptist Church


Pastor Roger Hayley

Rev. Roger Hayley


Church Deacons

Randal Lewis, Vaughn Taylor
Gale Colbaugh (Chairman), Floyd "Todd" Lowe,


Church Trustees

James Carroll, Henry Grindstaff,
Waymon Carrier(Chairman),
Not Pictured: Tommy Verran


Youth Director

Youth Director Gary Sams

Gary Sams


Sunday School Superintendent

Sunday School Superintendent Dale Colbaugh

Dale Colbaugh
Not Pictured: Tommy Verran (asst.)


Church Secretaries Gary Eggers and Todd Lowe

Gary Eggers, Floyd "Todd" Lowe (asst.)



Church Treasurers Kim Lewis and Mary Evelyn Buck

Kim Lewis (asst.), Mary Evelyn Buck



Church Clerks Geraldine Pierce and Nadine Colbaugh

Geraldine Pierce (asst.), Nadine Colbaugh



Ushers Luke Arnold and Gary Sams

Luke Arnold and Gary Sams

Ladies Auxiliary Officers

Ladies Auxiliary Officers

Kim Lewis, Ann Lowe,
Nadine Colbaugh, and Ella Carol Peters



Church Custodian Lucy Shankles

Lucy Shankles



Choir Director

Gary Sams


Youth Choir Director

Brooke Shanks



Dennis Laws and Ann Lowe



Dennis Laws



Sunday School Teachers


Adult II Class

Joey White

Adult i Class

Dale Colbaugh

College and Career Class

Rev. Roger Hayley

High Teen Class

Randal Lewis

Patton Arnold

Junior Class

Teresa Arnold

Gary Sams

Primary Class

Mary Evelyn Buck

Beginner Class

Kim Lewis

Nursery Class

Barbara Eggers

Brooke Shanks

Jill Markland


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