A Special Place - Special Meaning

By Geraldine Pierce

Union Hill Free Will Baptist Church


Union Hill - my church, your church, our church

God's place for worship,

For all who will draw nigh.

To worship Him - the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


Nestled between two mountains,

Amidst the grandeur of nature, God's wondrous creation.

The church bell resounds the invitation,

COME - Come let us worship,

Worship our Savior, the Lord God Almighty.


A place where hungry soul can be fed,

Where thirsty lives can drink from the fountain,

Filling their cup with the sweet Holy Spirit,

The Spirit of God.


A place where lonely hearts can find a friend,

The wretched soul can find cleansing,

Making them pure and white within.

A place where all can find comfort,

Because Christ will meet with them.


We are laborers in the vineyard,

Striving to do God's will.

Many are the blessings,

To be received at Union Hill.


We sing the songs of Zion,

We lift our voices in praise,

It seems the Holy Spirit,

Knows how to brighten the way.


A time of prayer is offered,

We all express our needs,

We know our source is Jesus,

He can supply each need.


A pastor who preaches from God's Holy Word,

We never doubt the truths,

They're recorded in this Book.

The Bible is our roadmap,

To guide us day by day,

We always need to read it, study, and obey.


We have good faithful teachers,

So loyal and so true,

They spend much time in study,

As God instructs them to.


Our church is more than a building,

It is the temple of the Lord.

We all try to work together,

In accordance with His Word.


Our mission is the greatest,

To win lost souls for Him.

Never taking any glory,

The glory belongs to Him.


Union Hill - a special place,

So dear to all our hearts,

To feel the love and fellowship,

The joy invades our heart.


May we always be a lighthouse,

To a dark and dying world,

May our community and many others

Reflect in this beam of light,

As it goes throughout the day and night.


You may not see a pattern,

You may not hear the rhyme,

But God has truly blessed me,

As I've tried to write each line.



By Geraldine Pierce

Saturday, January 26, 2008
8:00 a.m.




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