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Pastor Roger Hayley

God Uses

The Bible tells us that God blessed Solomon with great wisdom. In the Book of Ecclesiastes he is called "the preacher". He is one who addresses an assembly. The key words of this book are "vanity" and "under the sun". Each expression occurs more than twenty five times. As a philosopher the writer, Solomon, tells us that things "under the sun" are vanity. But then, as Solomon closes this book, he tells us what is important. He says, "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter". Young person, remember your creator in the days of your youth. Remember The Lord before old age steals your zeal. Remember Him before sickness and sorrow comes to your life.

Throughout the Bible God used young people to do His work. In Exodus 2 God used Miriam, Moses' older sister, to face Pharaoh's daughter. Miriam thought quickly and figured out a way for Moses to be kept by his mother. The Lord used Joseph to keep the nation of Egypt from starvation. The Lord used Samuel to bring revival to the Nation of Israel. Samuel was both a prophet and a priest. In I Samuel 17, David faced the Philistine Giant. David was a young man when God began to use him in Saul's palace. The Lord used Daniel and the three Hebrew children in the days when Israel was in Babylonian captivity. In the New Testament most of the Disciples were young men when they began to follow Jesus.

I believe that our young people are not only the church of tomorrow, but they are the church of today. A church that invests in the lives of their young people will see lasting and eternal revenues.

Now that I have said all of that, I want to say that it is my desire to see each of our young people know The Lord personally. And then I want to see these young Christians grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus. I want to see them use their God given talents for His glory. I want to see our young people deeply involved in the work of the church.

In the coming year I really want to encourage our youth. I want to provide programs that are both fun and edifying to the Christian life. Many of the youth of our church are presently active in the church. They are already using their talents for The Lord, and I thank God for this, but I want us to really focus on helping our youth grow deeper in The Lord. Please help me pray for our youth and our youth leaders. Please support our youth programs and pray that our youth will continue to be used of God.

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