Pastors of Union Hill Free Will Baptist Church

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Pastor Dates Served
D.C. Patrick 1934-1936 and 1937-1938
George Melvin 1936-1937
Nat Campbell 1938-1940
Joe Bowers 1940-1943
Moore Howell 1945-1947
Handy Wilcox 1947-1954 and 1965-1971
Curtis Beculhimer 1954-1956
Gene Head 1956-1960
Farrell Sparks 1960-1961
Carl Johnson 1961-1965
Dan Garland Jr. 1971-1972
C.M. Burnett 1972-1974 and 1975-1978
John Vance 1974-1975
Jonas Revis 1978-1983
Harry Mintz 1983-1989
D.C. Byrd 1990-1995
Danny Simerly 1995-2001
Tony Trott 2002-2006
Talmadge Brown (Interim) 2006-2007
Roger Hayley 2007-Present

Rev. D.C. Patrick Rev. George Melvin Rev. Nat Campbell Rev. Joe Bowers Rev. Moore Howell Rev. Handy and Hattie Wilcox Rev. Curtis Beculhimer Rev. Gene Head Rev. Farrell Sparks Rev. Carl and Kate Johnson Rev. Dan Garland Jr. Rev. C.M. and Mildred Burnett Rev. John and Maxine Vance Rev. Jonas Revis and Family Rev. Harry and Edith Mintz Rev. D.C. and Mary Byrd Rev. Danny and Jan Simerly Rev. Tony Trott and FamilyRev. Talmadge and Velma Brown  Rev. Roger and Joy Hayley


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